Sandstone Sealing

Adding protection to sandstone is what makes it last for long periods. Sandstone sealing has become a necessity for homeowners as it removes the likelihood of having excess stains and dirt. Using high-quality sealers on sandstone is an integral part of keeping your property looking pristine. Sealing also keeps the stone's natural colour in place and makes it easier to clean over time.

Whether the sandstone is placed around swimming pools, pavements, indoor rooms, and other outdoor areas, we can provide sandstone cleaning and sealing services for you. Our technicians are professionally trained and experts in sealing surfaces and can ensure maximum protection for your hard surfaces.

Why Use Sandstone Sealing Services?

There are so many reasons why you should seal sandstone to ensure protection and maintain its natural beauty with time. One of the major reasons is that sandstone flooring is prone to scratches and stains. So instead of having no protection at all, using professional sealers to protect the sandstone is recommended.

Being stepped on and walked over the sandstone all the time also causes materials like dust, dirt, grime, and sand to be collected over time. So, it loses its shine and quality through heavy foot traffic. To help realise its true nature and shine, sandstone sealing helps keep the quality for longer. 

Sandstone Sealing Brisbane Service

One good thing about sandstone is that it’s very durable. It is cheaper than marble, and it is also highly resistant to moisture and water. However, it reacts to acidic substances which makes sealing vital in maintaining your floors.

When to Seal Sandstone?

Knowing when to seal sandstone is essential if you want great end results after completing the sealing process.

• Knowing what type of sealer to use is vital. Acquiring high quality and penetrating sealers that are durable is recommended.

• Cleaning off excess dirt and stains from the sandstone will allow for a more seamless experience.

• Make sure that the surface is completely dry and free of moisture so that the sealers will set in properly.

Having adequate knowledge of what type of sealer you're using will prove to be beneficial. You'll also be able to know when to seal and execute at the perfect time. It’s best that you contact us so that we can professionally clean and seal your sandstone to ensure the best possible result.