Limestone Tiles

Nowadays, the market is full of tiles made using different natural stones. Whether it's for commercial or residential purposes, tiles are really important. In recent years, many natural stones have been the source material for making tiles. One such example is limestone tiles. These types of tiles are versatile in the sense they can be used both indoors or outdoors.

Limestone tiles come in multiple colours, but they are all light colours such as white to yellow and beige as well. If you are thinking of getting tiles, you should know that like all-natural stone tiles, these also need sealing to prevent moisture decay. Due to the fact that limestone rocks are sedimentary, they come in beautiful textures that can really compliment its surrounding area.

How Are Limestone Tiles Made?

Like all natural stone tiles, limestone tiles are made from natural rocks. In this case, limestone is the key material used in making limestone tiles. These natural rocks are sedimentary rocks. The first stage in making them is to mine the limestone. There are sites all across the world where it's available. However, Britain and Turkey are the main places where they are mined.

Once the mining process is over, the natural and raw stones are sent to factories or workshops where they are worked on. This includes cutting the stones into different sizes and giving them different finishes.

Limestone Tile

Strength, Durability, and Longevity

Limestone is a fairly strong material and it holds up well in outdoor areas. It can be used for tiled flooring and also walls as well. The density depends on its porosity, which varies from 0.1% for the densest limestone to 40% for chalk.

Weathering can actually have a degrading effect on this type of stone. Moisture from rainfall or flooding can cause deterioration as it's quite an absorbent material. Acids can also cause permanent damage so it's important that your tiles do not come into contact with acidic substances.

It's also prone to erosion and it can stain if substances are left on the surface for too long and depending on the porosity of the particular cut. Cleaning is very important to remove organic growth and dirt buildup which can affect the lifespan of your tiled area.

Designs, Sizes, Texture And Finishes

Limestone tiles can come in a number of different designs, making them one of the best options to work with when it comes to flooring. Moreover, the shades and the designs of limestone tiles can elevate any indoor or outdoor space. When it comes to the designs, you can select from regular patterns, square, round, and even herringbone designs.

People looking to choose limestone tiles for construction can choose from an array of sizes. Generally, the starting size is 300x300 mm, and the larger ones can measure about 600x900 mm. Thickness also ranges from 10mm to about 40 mm. When it comes to texture, both smooth and rough ones are available. The finish of the limestone tiles comes in honed, polished, brushed, and tumbled.

Limestone Tile Cleaning

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