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Keeping your hard surfaces looking fresh and maintaining the quality of them is not emphasized enough, especially for homeowners. Choosing the right sealer and using it as needed will extend the lifespan of your paved or tiled surfaces and keep it looking good for years to come.

Using a professional sealing service with years of experience and workmanship is something that you should not overlook, especially if you want the longevity of your surfaces.

There are so many reasons as to why you should consider using a sealing service for your property, whether it is for your driveway, patio, concrete, swimming pool area, indoor and outdoor tiles, etc.

Think of it as some type of insurance for your property where you extend the lifespan of the surfaces through sealing, thus protecting them from the elements and potential damage.

What Surfaces Can Be Sealed?

There are so many benefits to sealing your hard surfaces, but you may be wondering if yours can be done? Well, it's important to know that a surface must be cleaned first before a sealer can be applied. This is because the dirt, grime, organic growth, and other particles need to be removed in order to reveal the cleanest surface possible. Once this has been done, we can seal the surface to protect it and increase its lifespan.

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Why Use Sealing Services?

Even though sealing is not absolutely necessary to ensure the quality of your property, the benefits far outweigh the chances of you not investing in sealing. Using a high-quality sealer for your property will be totally worth the investment that you’ve made because of these reasons:

• Since hard surfaces are often exposed to natural elements that include harsh weather conditions, a sealer reduces organic growth buildup such as mould and mildew which can cause damage over time

• Implementing a sealer is not so difficult per se, as in many instances, a typical driveway can be sealed and set in 48 hours

• Our professional sealing services can do everything for you properly and safely, so you don't need to worry about it being applied incorrectly

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One of the main points you should prioritise is safety. First of all, the surface should be fully dry and resistant to any slippage. Usually, sealers are made to be used on surfaces that meet federal slip resistance on account of the surface being dry. However, this alone does not guarantee that the surface is fully dry or how slippery the surfaces can get when there’s moisture.

The levels of slippery surfaces are determined by the density of the sealer and the surface it’s being applied to. For example, a surface that gives off a wet look using thick forming sealers will be quite slippery when the surface becomes wet, as compared to a brushed surface having a similar wet look which will not be that slippery.

An alternative can be applying anti-slip or skid additives that can reduce the chances of people slipping. With tons of additives that will greatly reduce the chances of falling and slipping, you can consider getting one that will help you to an extent.

To guarantee maximum safety, you should use a waterproofing sealer that has penetrating attributes instead of a film-forming sealer. Using a sealer that can penetrate will create zero gloss and will not cause any type of slippage to the surfaces.


You should know that all types of sealers are not similar in their performance. This also comes with the fact that none of the sealers in the market will last a lifetime.

Based on the type of sealer you have chosen and the weather conditions in your area, a good sealer could last from around one to three years. The resin quality plays a big role in the lifespan of the sealer and its quality during the time period.

It’s safe to assume that you’ll get exactly how much you spend on your sealer. More investments mean better results and outcomes.

Sealers that are on the cheap end mean that you’re compromising on the quality that you cannot compare to the best performance of top-end sealers that money can buy. This is why we only use the best brands on the market and we also know how to apply them correctly for maximum performance.

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Appearance and Gloss Levels

Just like paints for walls, you can buy sealers based on the shine and gloss levels. You can also buy sealers with no gloss, semi-gloss, high gloss, satin, and matte. So, choosing the level of gloss solely depends on you. This will also impact the appearance of the surface, and these are the main types of sealers on the market:

• Solvent-based sealers
• Penetrating sealers
• Water-based sealers

For your tiled or paved surfaces, a penetrating sealer will most likely be the best option.

Types of Sealers

Three primary concrete sealers are available on the market:

• Acrylic - These sealers have a layer of acrylic resin that performs really well based on their affordability. You can choose between pure and virgin acrylic resin.

• Epoxy - These are also known as polyurethane sealers and come with a higher price tag than acrylic resin. They also have a thicker layer.

• Penetrating - Combined with silanes, siloxanes, and silicones, these sealers penetrate the surface by producing a chemical compound that repels oil, water and grease.

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Experience The Best Sealing Services In Brisbane

We are excited to offer you the best professional sealers in Brisbane. We can clean and protect your hard surfaces and then apply the best sealer for that particular surface.

Sealing services can greatly increase the lifespan of hard surfaces buy forming a protective layer that can repel moisture, limit organic growth, and prevent some stains from setting in.

Get in touch with us today to get a quote and schedule a booking so we can give you some amazing results and a beautifully cleaned and sealed surface.

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