Brick Cleaning Brisbane

Professional brick cleaning services will be required if your brickwork has accumulated organic growth or has mortar and cement stuck to it. Both of these situations need the specialised skills of our Brisbane brick cleaning company and you can be sure that no job will be too big or small.

Organic growth such as lichen, algae, mildew, and mould will eventually grow over bricked areas such as pavers, patios, and retaining walls. Mortar and cement are sometimes present after brickwork has been completed and this needs a specialised process for effective and safe removal.

We can also safely treat common brick problems such as calcite, efflorescence, vanadium, and gloeocapsa magma without the use of high pressure. This is why you need the best brick cleaners in Brisbane no matter if you've got a small courtyard or large retaining wall.

    Our Brick Cleaning Brisbane Service

    We clean bricks properly and safely without compromising their integrity. Using too much pressure or harsh acids can cause permanent damage to brickwork. We have a specialised process that can safely clean brick and reveal a beautifully clean surface. We also offer brick sealing services as well if you're interested in protecting your brickwork for longer. Here are some of the benefits you could experience from our service:

    Removal of lichen, mould, algae, and mildew growth

    Safe cleaning process to treat mortar and cement smears

    Biological growth gets treated at the source, not just the surface

    Cleans brickwork like-new - Reveals how it should really look!

    Anti-bacterial & Anti-microbial solutions leave brickwork cleaner for longer

    Brick Cleaning Brisbane
    Acid Wash Bricks

    Why Use Professional Brick Cleaners?

    Our professional brick cleaning service uses safe methods to properly clean brickwork. Homeowners and amateur operators will often use high-pressure to clean bricks and this can cause permanent damage.

    Some operators will use acid to wash bricks and this can cause brick burn in addition to damaging the surrounding plant life. The acid is also highly corrosive and is harmful if it makes contact with certain surfaces.

    There's a time and a place to use high-pressure and also to acid wash bricks. We have a specialised system that all technicians follow and this delivers consistent, high-level results without compromising the integrity of the material.

    Get in touch with us to get a quote and schedule a booking. Our Brisbane brick cleaning service will go to any suburb in the metropolitan area so be sure to contact us to discuss your requirements.


    Are Your Bricks Ready To Shine?

    We are the best brick cleaners in Brisbane and we are ready to show you the amazing results we can achieve. We have the best systems and processes in place that all technicians follow in order to achieve consistent and high-level results.

    We know the correct levels of pressure, acids, chemicals, soaps, detergents, and solutions required to get the job done. We also know what is suitable for masonry compared to what's suitable for residential patios and walls.

    This is why you should trust the professionals and get in touch with us to get a quote and schedule a booking. We service the entire Brisbane metropolitan area and will be happy to come to you in any suburb.

    Experience The Best Brick Cleaners

    You need the best Brisbane brick cleaning service that gets the job done. We are the experienced team for the job and have the best systems and procedures in place to ensure every job is done right with incredible results. Contact us to schedule a booking so we can show you how amazing your brickwork can look.

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