Tennis Court Cleaning Brisbane

Tennis court cleaning and maintenance needs to be done regularly and will help you save a lot of time and energy. Think of it as servicing your personal vehicle on a regular basis. So the longer you ignore cleaning a tennis court, the more problems will arise, thus resulting in a shorter lifespan.

If a tennis court is left unattended for very long periods, the surface could potentially see some major damage, which can be pretty expensive to repair.

There are different types of tennis court cleaning methods based on type such as synthetic and sand dressed.

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    If you are looking for Brisbane tennis court cleaning services then there are some things that you need to be fully aware of before you get to the next step. Knowing what type of court is based on the material is fundamental so that you do not use or mix up any type of materials and equipment during the cleaning process.

    Whether it is a hard court or synthetic grass court, the maintenance costs are somewhat similar even though they have significant differences between them.

    This means that you need a tennis court cleaner who knows about the characteristics of different surfaces and how they are properly and safely cleaned.

    Let's take an in-depth look at the two different court types and their issues when cleaning them.

    Tennis Court Cleaning Brisbane

    Synthetic Tennis Courts

    A synthetic court is made of polyethylene grass fibers that mimic the resemblance of actual grass. With frequent maintenance, a regular synthetic court should last for about fifteen to twenty years. Without any type of regular maintenance, the court could be at risk of deterioration and shortening of the lifespan.

    Some other factors and issues that affect the quality of synthetic courts are:

    • The level and condition of installation that has been done, from equipment to the court surface

    • The quality of synthetic grass that has been installed. There are different types of synthetic grass based on different price points

    • The basic level of workmanship and work that has been put in

    • Insufficient amount of drainage that takes place across the court. Moisture may come on the court from gardens, walls, lawns, etc.

    • Improper technicalities that have been implemented includes use of weak machinery

    • Some roots of trees may work their way underneath the courts

    Synthetic Tennis Court Cleaning
    Hard Court Cleaning

    Hard Courts

    Hard courts are made of acrylic layers over asphalt layering. Some of the main problems that hard tennis courts face are cracks and moisture that frequently pose a risk of permanent damage if not treated on time. Besides that, the other factors are:

    • Wrong servicing techniques

    • Quality of primary work on the main joints

    • Level of surface implementation and quality of product

    • Insufficient drainage of water

    • Rough use of tools on the surfaces

    Some of the best tips for hardcourt maintenance are:

    • Frequent cleaning of leaves and debris off from the tennis courts will cut off risks of dirt stains and mold

    • Utilise a leaf blower to blow off unwanted debris and materials

    Pressure Cleaning A Tennis Court

    Using a pressure washer on a tennis court could severely damage the surface, leading to costly repairs.
    This isn't to say that it can't be done, because it can when done properly. But it's important that the person
    or company doing it knows exactly what to do, how to do it, and the level of pressure required to perform it.
    Here are some key points to remember if you our your contractor is going to pressure clean a tennis court:

    • It causes high levels of damage to the court fibers, leading to an uneven surface

    • Water blasting spreads all across the court unevenly, leading to moisture seeping in

    • Pressure washing can damage the adhesives underneath the court mat

    • It can also break the joined points that are spread out all across the court mat

    Tennis Court Cleaning

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    When it comes to tennis court cleaning, the usual goal is to remove mildew and mould from the surfaces and reduce slippage and biological matter causing damage. Since it is not recommended to use a pressure washer on a tennis court, a gentle wash procedure is more ideal for maintaining the court's surface quality.

    This can also remove stains and algae to ensure a great play session where you are not at risk of slipping or falling. The solutions and formulas for a wash are also eco-friendly and biodegradable, so our company can leave your tennis court looking fresh and clean with no damage to the surfaces.

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