Slate Tiles

Today, if you ever go shopping for tiles, you are going to be blown away by the multiple options available. Tiles come in many different varieties nowadays, from man-made to natural stone tiles. Whether it's for your outdoor spaces or indoor living spaces, tiles can easily upgrade the whole look if you choose the right one! When it comes to beauty, class, and durability, slate tiles are undoubtedly one of the best.

So, are you wondering what a slate tile is? Well, this particular type of tile is a natural stone tile. As the name suggests, the tile is made from slate, which is a hard rock and due to this fact, slate tiles are one of the best tiles when it comes to longevity. Did you know that slate tiles are also a fantastic option for walls, roof work, and even stepping stones? This makes it such a versatile tile option with many different uses.

How Are Slate Tiles Made?

Since slate tiles are made using slate, the rock needs to be quarried first. Slate is considered a metamorphic rock. This means it takes thousands of years for it to form. It’s made of up many minerals and other sediments, which all get compressed for many years by heat as well as pressure. The resulting rock is durable, and this is what slate tiles are made of.

After the slate gets quarried, it undergoes cutting. Manageable pieces of slates are produced so that it is easy to work them. This is a very technical step and requires the hands of specialists. After the slates undergo cutting, it gets trimmed. Depending on the purpose, the cut slates get trimmed to a specific length and are inspected before they reach the stores.

Slate Tiles

Strength, Durability, And Longevity

If you ever choose slate as your flooring material, know that you are making an investment. Slate tiles are very durable because the material itself is very hard. Since slate rocks are metamorphic rocks formed over long periods, they are incredibly strong. Don’t expect any scratches, dents, or cracks to appear easily on this sort of tile.

Because of the fact that slate is very durable, they will last you for many years. Tile experts and manufacturers give an estimate of about 80-100 years for this material is properly cared for.

Designs, Sizes, Textures And Finishes 

Most slate tiles come with mixtures of different colours because slate is a metamorphic rock. Some even have wavy patterns of different colours. Slate tiling also comes in a variety of different sizes, such as 500 x 250 mm or even 400 x 250 mm.

They can either be rough, textured or even smooth. It all depends on the finish of the slate. If it comes in a natural cleft, the tile's surface will be the original surface of the stone.

This means it can be rough, uneven, and bumpy. You will also find it in honed, where the tile is glossy and smooth. The other finish is polished where the slate tile is refined even more than the honed ones. 

Slate Tile Cleaning

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