Terracotta Tiles

If you’re searching for tiles, be prepared to be amazed by how many choices you have. Whether you need it for your bathroom, living space, bedroom, or even outdoors, you will find a tile for every space. Among the list of tiles that are popular, terracotta tiles are one of them. These clay tiles are warm, bright, and provide a very rustic feeling.

Terracotta tiles fall under the category of what we know as ceramic tiles. So, what are ceramic tiles? They're the type of tiles that are made using some sort of a porous material such as clay. It's interesting to note that terracotta tiles are one of the oldest as well. If this tile is an unglazed one, it can be porous. They come in two types- high-density and low-density.

How Are Terracotta Tiles Made?

The main element is clay which is fired at low temperatures. The clay is shaped and cut into different pieces of different lengths and then goes to a machine where different companies manufacturing them can make it in their desired style. The colour of the tiles will vary depending on the type of clay as well.

Once the cutting and styling is done, the clay is sent over for firing as well as glazing. The clay used is usually fired at around 300 to 537 degrees Celsius. This is a relatively low temperature compared to other materials. Once the process of firing is complete, the terracotta tiles are sent over for glazing. There are also unglazed tiles, but they are more porous than the glazed ones.

Terracotta Tiles

Strength, Durability, And Longevity

When it comes to the strength and durability of terracotta tiles, it all depends on which type you choose. You can get the more budget-friendly low-density ones, but these are not the sturdiest or the strongest. It will not last or hold up under unfavourable conditions. Then you have the high-density tiles, which are sturdier and more durable.

Terracotta tiles are known to have an extremely long lifespan. This means whether you use them for roofing or flooring, they can often last for more than 50 years, especially when you get them professionally cleaned and maintained.

Designs, Sizes, Textures, And Finishes

Traditional terracotta tiles do not come in lavish designs of swings, swirls, or waves. On the contrary, they come in solid block colors. However, more recent designs are sometimes stamped with flowers or spirals. These designs are more of an impression. You will also find them in different shapes.

These tiles can have either a rough, sandpaper-like feeling when touched or a smooth and glossy finish. The textures of these tiles depend on the finish. The natural finish tiles are porous, but the hues of earth tones are amazing. Another type is the burnished terracotta tiles which are burnished using abrasives to give it a smooth and shiny surface.

Terracotta Tile Cleaning

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