Bluestone Tiles

When it comes to outdoor flooring, there are so many options of tiles to choose from. Bluestone tiles are one of them. This is a type of tile that is extremely hard and very durable. Naturally, this makes bluestone tiles a perfect choice for the outdoors and heavy use areas.

While they make an excellent choice for outdoor spaces, they also fit exceptionally well indoors. These tiles are also a perfect option for the bathroom. If you're looking for a more modern and sophisticated design and look, then these tiles are your answer. They also resist heat exceptionally well, and can really make a patio or courtyard look amazing.

How Are Bluestone Tiles Made?

So, how is one of the most popular tile choices made? The process of making these tiles is rather simple. Since this type of tile is made using bluestone, the raw material needs to be quarried first from the earth. Bluestone gets quarried from several sites from around the world. It is made up of sand particles as well as quartz compounds, making it fairly strong.

After the quarrying process is over, the natural bluestone then gets sent to factories and workshops where it undergoes cutting. The sizes of the cuts can depend. Thin squares and rectangles are the most common shapes. These cut pieces then undergo other treatment processes like glazing or smoothening as it’s turned into an indoor or outdoor tile.

Bluestone Tiles

Strength, Durability, And Longevity

Are you thinking of getting bluestones tiles, but you're unsure about its durability? Well, let's put your doubts to rest. These tiles are among the strongest and most durable tiles out there. They don't crack or scratch easily, and also, these tiles are generally non-slippery. You do not need to worry about your tiles chipping away or breaking easily.

Because of the fact that bluestone tiles are really strong, sturdy, and durable, they have an incredibly long lifespan. If you get these tiles, just know that they will last you for many years if you get them professionally cleaned and maintained. If you install it properly as well as seal it, bluestone tiles will last you for a very long time.

Designs, Sizes, Textures, And Finishes

Bluestone tiles come in a variety of different colours. You can find them in darker shades, but the lighter-coloured ones are the more popular choices. Moreover, they also come in different shapes. You can find them in squares, rectangles or even in their natural rough, edgy and irregular shapes. Common sizes include 600 x 300 mm, 500 x 500 mm, or even 400 x 400 mm.

The texture of the bluestone tiles will all depend on how they were made. The natural cleft bluestone tiles have a rough and irregular surface. These are the perfect choices for the outdoors as they are hard to slip on. There is also the thermal bluestone which needs to be textured and has a smooth yet unnatural surface.

Bluestone Tile Cleaning

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