Quarry Tiles

There are so many options available when it comes to tiles. In recent years, more and more tiles are coming out made using different materials and manufacturing processes. Tiles are one of the essential building materials. As such, choosing the right one is important. Quarry tiles are amongst these choices and offer a classic look.

If you are on the hunt for a tile that is non-porous, then your solution will be to get the quarry tiles as they do not allow water to penetrate. Moreover, their hardness is an asset, which is why these are really popular in both outdoor spaces as well as indoor spaces.

How Are Quarry Tiles Made?

Many people have the belief that quarry tiles come from quarries, as the name suggests. But this is a wrong conception. The truth is, quarry tiles are made using several mixtures which are fired at a high temperature. Unlike natural stone tiles like limestone, granite, or marble, they are not mined or sliced into tiles. Rather, there's a process of making them.

The main material is clay, along with other minerals such as feldspar and shales. There are generally two methods of making them. One is by firing the mixture of minerals and the other by extrusion. The firing temperature is about 1000 degrees Celsius, making unglazed quarry tiles heat resistant. The tiles made using the extrusion process are harder and denser as well.

Quarry Tiles

Strength, Durability, And Longevity

When buying quarry tiles, you should keep this in mind; these tiles are perfect choices for high traffic areas and also high impact areas due to the fact that they have great strength and durability. Moreover, the ones that come from firing are not just hardwearing but also can endure temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius.

The question of how long quarry tiles last depends on how you maintain and use them. Generally, with these tiles being durable and hard, can last for many years, if not even indefinitely, under proper conditions. If you seal it, it'll aid preventing damage from excess moisture as well.

Design, Sizes, Textures, And Finishes

Quarry tiles don't come in fanciful designs or patterns but rather in solid colors such as tan, red, brown, or even grey. You also get the option of choosing from different shapes such as hexagon, Spanish key, or even corset. When it comes to quarry tiles, your typical 1200 x 1200 mm will be rare. Common sizes are 600 x 600 mm or even 800 x 800 mm. They also have thicknesses ranging from 13-19 mm thickness.

These tiles have a textured surface, are non-slippery, and good for kitchen areas. Traditionally, they only came in an unglazed finish. But nowadays, there are different finishes and tints, such as abrasive or even non-abrasive ones.

Quarry Tile Cleaning

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