Alfresco Tiles

Alfresco is generally an outdoor area for dining and sitting. You can easily make such outdoor spaces feel more luxurious and classy by choosing the perfect tiles. There are plenty of alfresco tiles which are available in today's market. Being an outdoor area with high traffic, alfresco tiles are usually hard and sturdy. This gives it both aesthetic value and monetary value, as well as these tiles last for many years. But, what are the best types and styles to choose for these areas?

What Are Alfresco Tiles?

Basically, any tile which can be used on outdoor surfaces can be considered alfresco tiles. This means that alfresco tiles are hard and durable tiles that can either be of natural stones like bluestone or limestone, or even porcelain ones. When it comes to the flooring material for alfresco, porcelain tiles are a great option. If you want to make your alfresco area feel more elevated and modern, using alfresco tiles is something you should consider.

In order for a tile to be suitable as an alfresco tile, you will need to check two things. The first thing you must ensure is that the tile is a sturdy type. Since dining and sitting areas are places where people constantly walk, weaker tiles will crack under pressure. The second thing to remember about alfresco tiles is that they should not allow water to seep in.

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Common Types

All the tiles that are effective in not absorbing moisture or water are great examples of alfresco tiles. Moreover, strength is also a factor to look at. This makes porcelain tiles a great example of alfresco tiles. Not only are the high-quality porcelain tiles sturdy and durable, but they are also good are keeping moisture, chemicals, and water away.

If you are looking from a style point of view, then porcelain tiles, as well as natural stone tiles, make sense. They are all great examples of alfresco tiles. It is because both porcelain and natural stone tiles offer two things- style and practicality. There are many different designs, patterns, and textures to choose from when it comes to porcelain tiles and stone tiles like limestone or bluestone tiles.

Natural stone tiles are also amazing at keeping water and moisture away when they are properly sealed by experts. Moreover, since these tiles are also known for their incredible durability, natural stone tiles are also a good example and a choice for alfresco areas. The added bonus is natural stone tiles are also anti-slip, making them safe for outdoor dining spaces.

Different Styles Of Alfresco Tiles

If you go tile hunting for an alfresco, don’t be blown away by how many styles there are. You will have tonnes of options before your eyes. Alfresco tiles can come in an array of textures, sizes, finishes, and even colours. This gives more choices and freedom when it comes to designing the space.

Alfresco tiles come in many different finishes. The texture you want determines which type of finish you choose. A honed finish or a natural finish is one of the most popular due to the fact that the natural texture of the material is still there, but it’s still smooth. Remember, these tiles will get dirty and require tile cleaning services in future to keep them looking pristine.

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