Patio Tiles

Patios are beautiful areas that are relaxing to be on and to enjoy company. If you have a patio or you're thinking of constructing one, the perfect floor material will surely be tiles on concrete. And the good news is, there are so many different styles which you can use on your patio.

What Are Patio Tiles?

Many people use concrete for their patios which can either be stamped or even stained. Brick and stone pavers are also common materials for a patio. However, these are all getting outdated. Tiles are slowly replacing these. Patio tiles are the tiles which you use in your patio. They should be strong and durable since a patio is a place with heavy pressure and high traffic. Patio tiles should be able to resist natural wear and tear.

Moreover, patio tiles give more options in terms of colours and designs. Do you want to know the best part of using tiles? If you already have an existing concrete or brick patio, you can simply lay the tiles and seal them over the concrete or bricks. Just remember that patio tiles are hardwearing tiles that should be non-porous and also heat resistant. Many patio tiles these days are also slip-resistant but patio cleaning services will be needed eventually.

Patio Tile Cleaning

Common Types

There are so many patio tiles in the market today. Basically, any tile which is hardwearing is a perfect choice. Some people even use porcelain or ceramic tiles. However, these tiles are not the only options out there. You don't have to worry. There are other choices to consider, such as quarry tiles, limestone tiles, slate tiles, granite tiles, or even terrazzo tiles, to name a few.

Slate, granite, quarry, and limestone tiles are some of the best choices. These are all made from natural stone. As such, these tiles are super strong and durable. Since patios are areas with high traffic, keeping these tiles as the floor material is practical. It'll easily resist wear and tear and even chipping.

Slate tile, in particular, is perfect for outdoor patios since it is non-slippery. If you are looking to add some designs to your outdoor patio, then terrazzo tiles are something you should look into. This type of tile comes in intricate designs of different shapes such as spirals, spots, lines, and many other design patterns.

People who are looking for warmer and earthy tones on their patios can even consider putting terracotta tiles or sandstone tiles. These are also sturdy enough to endure heavy usage on a daily basis.

Different Styles

Patio tiles come in a wide array of designs and styles. Your options are not going to be limited. You can choose simple designs such as granite tiles, quarry tiles, limestone tiles, or even slate tiles. They usually come in simple designs of wavy patterns of different colors.

If you are looking for a plain and simple patio, concrete tiles or even terracotta tiles are good. They come in solid colours.

However, if you want to add extravagant designs to the floor of your patio, then terrazzo tiles are a good option. Moreover, all these tiles are available in different sizes and shapes!

Be sure to think hard about the material and style you want because you are going to need to clean them eventually.

You don't want a material that makes general maintenance harderĀ  than it needs to be and becomes more trouble than it's worth.

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